How to become a member:

Retiree Form (Click here for PDF file)
School Employee (Click here for PDF file)
Dues for current year July 1 – June 30
Members = Dues = Money = Power = Change

ADD (Automatic Dues Deduction) is the simplest, most convenient way of maintaining your membership. Indicate your Unit choice and circle your retirement plan. The Washington State Department of Retirement Systems will deduct $7 a month from your pension ($5 for the state dues plus $2 for your local Unit).

If you are still employed, your school district will facilitate your membership by providing you with automatic payroll deduction of $7  per month.

If you would prefer to pay your dues in cash, please enclose a check made out to WSSRA in the amount of $84 (for State and Local Unit membership) or $60 (for State only membership).

Mail form to:
Penny Garrison, 185 Hennepin St, Okanogan, WA 98840-9759

For answers to your questions please e-mail:

Okanogan School Retirees' Association

For further information click here for PDF file

Additional Benefits:
Our state publication, the JOURNAL five times a year.
Bi-partisan Legislative advocacy
Mini-grants to active teachers (varies by unit)
Scholarships for future educators
Opportunities for community service.