Our Policies/Procedures

Unit 15

I. Duties of Officers:

A. The President should attend the State Convention.
B. All officers of the Association should attend the State Convention and E-6 Coordinating Council meetings.

II. OCSRA Scholarship:
The OCSRA scholarship is limited to an Okanogan County graduate who is at least a college junior working toward an initial certificate in an educational field. The Scholarship Trustee Board will determine the amount available for the annual award.

III. OCSRA Grants:
A. Grants may be made available to OCSRA members to purchase materials or supplies for student learning activities in Okanogan County public schools not otherwise covered by the school budget. The number and amount of grants and dates of availability will be determined annually during budget adoption at the regular May meeting.
B. Grant Guidelines:
1. Grants shall be promoted by the Grant Committee of no fewer than three appointees or volunteers.
2. Grants may be awarded for student learning materials and supplies (excluding field trips) to active members or retired members working in school programs.
3. The Grant Committee will review and recommend grant recipients to the membership at a regular OCSRA meeting.
4. Final selection will be by an oral vote of those members attending a regular OCSRA meeting.
5. Grant award checks shall be earmarked for the winning project and issued to the winning recipient.

IV. Committee Chairmen:
The Committee Chairmen should attend the Executive Board meetings when they have information pertinent to the welfare of that unit.

V. Membership Dues and Payment:
A. Regular membership dues may be paid by cash or automatic dues deduction.
B. Unit dues cover the membership year July 1 through June 30 and may be paid directly to the Unit Treasurer or by automatic dues deduction.
C. Retired members of the Washington State Retirement System may sign up for automatic dues deduction from their pensions, with membership beginning as soon as authorization is received by WSSRA.
D. The Unit Treasurer shall notify cash paying members by July 1 of their membership status for the coming year.

VI. Foundation Donations:
OCSRA may donate to the WSSR-Foundation Scholarship via baskets, money, and silent auction items.

VII. Coordinating Council and State Convention Attendees and Expenses:
A. Delegates to the State Convention (WSSRA) should include the incoming and outgoing Unit Presidents and other persons interested in determining and carrying out State policies.
B. The OCSRA shall pay the expenses of delegates to the WSSRA Convention: the amount to include housing, registration, and meals that are listed on the registration form.
C. OCSRA will pay for lunch for Coordinating Council Attendees.

VIII. Amendments
Amendments to these Policies and Procedures may be made at any meeting of the Executive Board by a simple majority vote. Amendments may also be made by the members of OCSRA at a general meeting by a simple majority vote of the members in attendance. Any change must be reported in the Unit newsletter. Amendments to Policy and Procedures shall be changed on the OCSRA website within 60 days of the amendment.